The Dangers of Not Feeding a Hungry Consultant

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4 min readAug 19, 2019 (the author has obtained the right to use this image)

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What is a consultant?

For those of you that do not know, a consultant is according to Wikipedia a specialist within a certain area. In my definition of consultant this person also utilises this expertise to conduct work on contract. I see the term consultant being used in many different ways, but my definition reflects the way I work as a consultant.

My line of work is consulting within Business Information Systems. I am an expert in this field and are hired by other companies to give advice on their systems or processes, and do implementations or upgrades. Now you know what I do for a living and how I define a consultant.

The downside of being a consultant?

In my daily work I am hired on contract to perform certain tasks. These contracts can be anything from a few days to several years. And sometimes I am hired for one day, a week, for half a year and so on. How much I have to do for these clients are dependent on the phase of the project, my role in the project and the contract agreed between the customer and our sales team.

The sales team is good I would like to point out, so I mostly have stuff to do. But every consultant (according to my…



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