What Has Happened to the 10 Year Target?

10 Year Target
2 min readAug 6, 2020

So what is happening to the 10 Year Target? Has it failed already? Have I given up?

The 10 Year Target is a personal finance goal that I created and wanted to track together with my audience on my blog and on Twitter.

As a blogger, I wanted to attract an audience with regular updates and interesting blog posts. The blog has not had any updates for a while now. And I want to tell you the reason.

Every blogger (I guess) will after a while feel that their motivation is declining. It takes time to get results. And you start to think that it may not be worth the time it takes.

I started feeling that. The blog had 1–2 new blog posts published weekly. It took a lot of my time. I know it takes time to build a good blog. When I started the blog I had that time. I still had the time when the motivation started to go away. However, after half a year of blogging, I knew that I did not have the time to continue doing this for another 1–2 years.

Because something had started to grow.

The 10 Year Target has changed. Or, well, adjusted. Extended. Call it whatever you want.

The 10 Year Target was a project where I focused on growing my portfolio by saving most of my money and documenting the journey. This meant living frugal, spending a lot of time reading about finance, and blogging.

Please continue (or start) following me on Twitter. My blog will be on ice. When I publish anything in the future Medium will probably be my preferred channel. I will keep you posted in my newsletter.

Quick update about my finances. The stock portfolio is doing good. The mutual fund portfolio is doing good. The savings are flowing in on a regular basis. I have created a new fund portfolio.

The saving will continue, I will continue to read about money, and documenting my journey to some extend. But my focus is shifting and my personal spendings will go up.

We’re having a kid. I am going to be a father.

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10 Year Target

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