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10 Year Target
2 min readJan 13, 2020
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It’s a new year and for some reason, it always feels like you are starting over. It is a cliché that a new year is a new beginning, but I can really feel it. And not in a good way.

I wouldn’t say that I had a good routine for writing. But at least I was writing. My articles here on Medium were of the occasional kind, but on my blog, I tried to post twice a week. The point is, I wrote.

Now, after a good and long Christmas holiday, it felt like my brain had reset itself.

My first 7 months of blogging had been going well. I wrote 40 blog posts for my blog in addition to a few exclusive Medium posts. But now. It is was so hard to sit down and write.

I didn’t feel like writing. I didn’t feel I could write. That I was empty.

The inspiration was not the problem. Being on vacation didn’t mean I was offline and I had a ton of ideas. My note-taking app is full of topics and I have five Wordpress drafts with titles.

But the minute I sat down in front of a keyboard I just stared at the screen.

Today, however. Today I realized something. I am from the first to realize this and you have probably heard this a thousand times.

But you see, it is something completely different hearing something and then acting on it.

Today I started writing. And not like the past couple of weeks where I was writing a headline and then a couple of keywords. But I was actually writing a complete text.

Just by starting to write and letting the mind flow I was able to pass the boundaries in my brain that kept me from writing.

The proof is a complete article in my drafts folder.

What you are reading now is the confirmation.

10 Year Target

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