How I Made $1,000 On Twitter in 1.5 Months

10 Year Target
5 min readApr 26, 2021

Yes, the headline does not lie. And compared to my new friends on Twitter it is not even that impressive.

I have been on and off Twitter for 10 years. First I had a private account updating people about what I had to breakfast.

Then two years ago I created my 10 Year Target Twitter account.

The account was created for me to dive into the world of FIRE. That sounds cool, but in this context FIRE is Financial Independence, Retire Early. Still cool though.

This led me to a corner of Twitter that many people choose to call Money Twitter.

I wrote about investments, stocks, and my financial status.

I still do.

But then, 1.5 months ago, after 10 years, where the last two was spent writing about making money, I was struck by a lightning.

A fellow Tweeter(?) told me I could monetize my Twitter account. What? Really? How?

The answer was affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing on Twitter

I had heard of affiliate marketing before. And even tried it out, both here on Medium and on my now inactive blog.

But this was different. This was affiliating for other people on Money Twitter.

Creating ebooks and courses is a great side hustle. It is perfect if your niche is interested in learning the secrets to this and that. Or at least some tweak they can do to improve.

“Money making” is such a niche.

However, writing ebooks and courses isn’t for everyone. But you don’t have to do this to make money. You can market other people’s ebooks and courses.

But this is just like doing affiliate work for ebooks on Amazon?

No, this is where you are wrong.

Amazon has a great name and marketing team. They don’t need you. That is why you are paid a commission of 4%.

The creators on Money Twitter on the other hand. They need you. Some of the biggest players have 50,000 followers. But they still haven’t reached their full potential and are willing to pay you to help you market their product.



10 Year Target

Investor in my early 30’s determined to generate enough assets in the next 10 years so my ROI matches my expenses. Twitter: @10yeartarget