6 Steps to Reach Your Targets in Life (+ sharing my own target)

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The practice of defining your goal

  1. Fix in your mind what you want to achieve
  2. Determine what you need to do to achieve your goal
  3. Establish a time for when you want to have achieved your goal
  4. Create a plan for reaching your goal
  5. Write down a clear statement of what you want to achieve when you want to reach your goal, what you want to do to achieve your goal, and describe the plan through which you intend to reach the goal.
  6. Read your statement aloud from time to time— As you read it envision, feel and believe that you already have reached the target

My Goals

The target I created back when I created my 10 Year Target persona, was a really precise target and I truly believe that it helps me when it comes to saving and investing. By having my eyes on the target I know how much I should save every month and how high returns I need to have on average.

The goals of my future life

By 2035 my goal is to be able to not have a regular job anymore. My living expenses will be covered by passive income from dividends, financial returns, or other sources. I want to be the master of my own time so that I can incorporate my own routines of exercise, writing, or traveling. I would also like to have written a book, be it short stories, novels, or non-fiction.



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10 Year Target

10 Year Target


Investor in my early 30’s determined to generate enough assets in the next 10 years so my ROI matches my expenses. Twitter: @10yeartarget